High HR Alerts, and Increasing HR Trend Leading to Diagnosis of High Fever in non-communicative Patient

About the Patient:

A 35 year old Male with Brain Damage due to heavy metal poisoning in early childhood, was admitted with PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy), in a non-communicative condition.EarlySense Indication:

Multiple High HR Alerts (129-134 BPM) and Increasing HR Trend.Assessment:

A nurse assessed the patient.
Body Temp. was 38.4 ᵒC/ 101.12 ᵒF.
Physician was informed, Blood work was ordered.Response:

IV Sulbactam & Ampicillin was administered.Outcome:

The patient’s temperature has decreased.

Post-Acute Care Dep., Nursing Home, NY, USA