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HealthEMed uses EarlySense Continuous Monitoring Technology To Manage Vulnerable Patient Populations

“Patches and wearables are challenging to implement for our chronic and mentally challenged patients.
Passive, continuous monitoring from EarlySense helps us maximize compliance and improve outcomes
both physiologically and psychologically” – Ron Mandelbaum, CRO, HealtheMed

HealtheMed (pronounced Health-E-Med) was founded to help the 4,000,000 people in the U.S. who live confined in their homes with chronic conditions. HealtheMed provides telemedicine services to Medicaid Special Needs and Waiver participants, currently in the state of Minnesota. The HealtheMed solution consists of a Smart Television, two-way camera, two-way microphone, medication dispensing device, vitals data capturing devices, and proprietary telemedicine software. Medicaid Special Needs and waiver participant populations are the highest cost patients and take up to 25% of most states total Medicaid budgets, and are also the likeliest to get sick or die from exposure to viruses like COVID-19 and the Flu. Treatment of people with special medical needs through the HealtheMed telemedicine platform can save state Medicaid programs significant dollars via lower healthcare costs, improved coordination of care, and improved medication management.

HealtheMed’s patient population, ages 18-64, typically have multiple chronic conditions, many with correlating mental health issues, and are home-bound. They also take multiple medications every day and have a strong resistance to technology and sometimes, touch or interaction. When they forget to take their medications or take the wrong dose, the complications that could result may require hospitalization. Because of their resistance to technology and touch, HealtheMed’s patient population typically struggles with monitoring compliance – and with overall health management. Factor in multiple medications and sensory overload based on their conditions, managing daily collaboration between the HCP and the patient to maintain compliance and a proactive approach to healthcare and critical health decisions can be challenging.

Before implementing continuous monitoring from EarlySense, HealtheMed was only taking 1-2 patient readings a day using traditional RPM monitoring devices. Today, EarlySense contact-free sensing technology and continuous data complements spot-check data as part of HealtheMed’s integrated dashboard. As a passive, contact-free solution, EarlySense technology ensures maximum patient compliance. And as a multi-vital, continuous data solution, EarlySense technology empowers HealtheMed with a more complete picture of a patient’s health to support management of multiple chronic conditions, medications, sleep efficiency and early deterioration. EarlySense algorithms and AI-driven applications to continuous data flag exacerbations, sleep disturbances and support clinical assessment of medication efficacy. A visual dashboard with those flags and their correlating clinical markers provides HealtheMed with the capability to triage patients needing to be evaluated by HCP.

This insight into overnight, continuous vitals data paired with the ability to maximize patient compliance helps HealtheMed address both the psychological and physiological needs of the patient, and provides an overall snapshot of patient health which guides clinical workflow, medication management, and ultimately improves the health status of the client and interaction with the HCP.


Partner: HealtheMed (A Public Benefit Corporation)

Industry: Managed Care (Healthcare – Medicaid)

Market Reach:

  • Located in Minneapolis, MN
  • Clients in 12 MN counties and growing, since services launched in Fall 2020
  • Treat Medicaid Special Needs and Waiver participants in Minnesota with “[email protected]

Web: https://healthemed.net/