Meet EarlySense – Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer Bishop 

SR Clinical Customer Success Manager

Tell me about your role and what you do at EarlySense?

As the SR Clinical Customer Success Manager I provide clinical insight and strategic guidance for accounts to incorporate technology and drive change for improved patient care. I ensure optimal clinical adoption via education, policy implementation, and data analysis.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Partnering with healthcare facilities to drive clinical innovation and bring patients and clinicians together for  improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. Being able to actually visualize positive clinical outcomes that affect the daily care of patients and staff throughout all levels of care from the MD to the bedside nurse is truly amazing. Now that technology and continuity of care is being extended into the home. Recently my father was hospitalized with septic shock. Having the ability to monitor him and manage his care in his own home after discharge solidified on a much more personal level the impact EarlySense technology can have.

What do you enjoy most about working in Med Tech?

Being able to be part of the tech revolution currently impacting healthcare. With data analytics, predictive platforms, and evidence based care, the HCP can more accurately provide treatment plans, monitor chronic conditions and ultimately prevent patient deterioration. This level of engagement is ultimately changing the way clinicians practice and improving patient lives with a continuity of care in a way not seen before.

What has been your biggest learning experience since starting at EarlySense?

Implementing change in healthcare and embracing technology can be difficult in a system that is currently overwhelmed, understaffed and continually attempting to adapt to medical, economic, and cultural changes. The transition of patients need for virtual care has increased exponentially in the past year and the expectations around being able to provide and implement this new standard option for care while including clinical best practice and patient satisfaction has been challenging.

What do you like to do outside of work – what are your passions?

I strive to balance work responsibilities with daily meditation and by embracing the outdoors and mother earth every chance I can. My parents live on a farm in Wisconsin and I am able to enjoy that peacefulness frequently. I also really enjoy hiking, boating and running. My husband Jeff, daughter Brittanie, 2 sons Macallister & Dylan and grandson Lu keep me smiling and grounded as to what is truly important. And not to forget my two fur babies-Mason and Lillie, of course!

As a caregiver, what advantage does that provide for your role with EarlySense, and vice versa?

As a nurse I have seen multiple facets of healthcare throughout my 25 years. My various roles as a clinician in cardiology, dermatology, AED/BLS clinical educator, home health, nursing director  and now at EarlySense has truly provided an opportunity to understand the full spectrum of healthcare. But it wasn’t until the responsibility of caring for my father at home after his septic shock diagnosis that the realization of how our technology provides the opportunity to continue that high level of care and effectively be proactive for potential acute situations of deterioration hit me. This hospital grade technology provided a sense of security while keeping him at home which was the ultimate goal for my entire family. My goal is to establish better outcomes and satisfaction for the HCP in every setting, including the home. As a  HCP and the caregiver I can visualize the connection. EarlySense has established technology that affects direct patient care while improving positive outcomes on all levels, which is what I strive for as a caregiver.

What does National Caregivers Month mean to you?

Healthcare would not exist without the dedication and heart of the caregiver. To recognize a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to making the lives of others better is acknowledging this. Caregiver month is the thank you to every hand held, medication given, DR appointment driven, time spent, and life saved. Together our collective knowledge, evidence based research, data analysis and patient centered care will transform health care. How can we not have a month to reflect on the backbone of healthcare where the love for the patient begins-our caregivers?

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