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Case Studies

High Heart Rate Alert Leading to Identification of Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) and to Timely Intervention and Transfer

About the Patient: A 53 year old female, status post hemicolectomy. EarlySense Indication: On the first night of the hospitalization at 12:53 AM: High HR alert (191 BPM)Assessment: Tachycardia of 190-200 BPM was confirmed. Response: MD was called.EKG showed SVT.Continuous EKG monitoring was applied.Adenosine was given, leading to HR reduction.The patient was transferred to the ICU.Outcome: The […]

Case Studies

High HR Alerts, and Increasing HR Trend Leading to Diagnosis of High Fever in non-communicative Patient

About the Patient: A 35 year old Male with Brain Damage due to heavy metal poisoning in early childhood, was admitted with PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy), in a non-communicative condition.EarlySense Indication: Multiple High HR Alerts (129-134 BPM) and Increasing HR Trend.Assessment: A nurse assessed the patient.Body Temp. was 38.4 ᵒC/ 101.12 ᵒF.Physician was informed, Blood […]


Evaluation of EverOn™ as a Tool to Detect Deteriorations in Medical/Surgical Patients

Continuous monitoring can provide valuable information, both as an early warning for deterioration and to allow better clinical data-based decisions. Clinical charts of 204 hospitalized patients who were monitored by the EverOn System in three medical centers were reviewed for signs of deterioration or un-expected clinical intervention. Data from the EverOn monitoring system (heart and respiratory […]


AANA Industry Trends

The Impact of Continuous Monitoring in Preventing Unrecognized Respiratory Depression on the General Care Floor Unrecognized respiratory depression on the general care floor resulting in respiratory arrest or a code blue event is a nightly occurrence at hospitals across the US. A significant portion of these respiratory arrests occur in postoperative patients receiving opioid analgesics […]


Improved Outcomes and Reduced Costs with Contact-Free Continuous Patient Monitoring on a Medical-Surgical Unit

Harvey V. Brown, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine and David Geffen, School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, California As patients’ acuity levels continue to rise, hospitals are implementing new initiatives geared toward early detection of deterioration in a patient’s condition and faster intervention once a problem is recognized. In this white paper, you’ll learn […]