An In-Depth Look at Digital Healthcare Infrastructure

September 20, 2021

The name AT&T has been synonymous with telephone communications, with the company’s history going all the way back to Alexander Graham Bell. But after more than a century of business evolution, the company now provides the infrastructure for some of the largest business industries around the world. Including healthcare. Our guest today is Joe Drygas, who is responsible for leading the global healthcare solutions team for AT&T, and we’ve asked him to join us to share a little more about how AT&T is enabling the care of the future.

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About Joe Drygas

Joe Drygas leads the Healthcare Solutions team globally for AT&T Business. His organization is comprised of highly experienced sales and technical professionals serving a multi-billion dollar segment of AT&T’s largest healthcare clients. A charismatic visionary, Joe is a seasoned sales leader with a focus on customer experience, talent development, teamwork, and growth. Under Joe’s leadership, AT&T Healthcare designs integrated products, services, and solutions customized for the healthcare ecosystem, including the largest healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and life sciences companies worldwide. Joe’s passion for building relationships combined with his technical background are evident in the progress AT&T has made in the evolution from a communications provider to a strategic healthcare partner.