Managing Vulnerable Patient Populations

Our two guests on this episode of Vital Insights join us from HealtheMed, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Medicaid participants living isolated at home in the community. HealtheMed’s [email protected] telemedicine platform drives improved care outcomes, and we welcome our two guests today – Ron Mendelbaum and Shannon Holly-Smith – to tell us more about how their focus on the most vulnerable patients led to the demonstrated results they’ve been able to achieve.

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About Ron Mandelbaum

Ron Mandelbaum, CRO at HealtheMed, has 30+ years strategic business development and management. He’s spent the last 12 years focused on development of long-term care and aging in place communities, and on the vanguard of driving the healthcare system in USA towards the eventual recognition of the home as the lowest cost center of care and a corresponding base rate payment for the setting.

About Shannon Holley-Smith

Shannon Holley-Smith, BSN, RN, is Nurse Director at HealtheMed. She obtained her RN/ASN as a working adult from Inver Hill’s college and BSN/RN at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Shannon has nursing experience level home care with patients requiring 24 hours nursing duties as private nursing management and performing nursing staff program development and implementation, along with several years of community mental health nursing, and clinic nursing at a specialty day procedure center.