The Future of Healthcare Isn't 3D - It's 5G

November 9, 2021

In a previous episode of Vital InSights, we had the pleasure of speaking with AT&T’s Joe Drygas, focusing on how AT&T is enabling the care of the future. Our guest for this episode – Clint Cetti – is also one of AT&T’s healthcare technology warriors, and we were able to take an even deeper dive into how that future is going to be enabled through 5G, edge processing and the internet of medical things, or IoMT.

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About Clint Cetti

As the Global Director of Strategy & Innovation, Clint is currently dedicated to AT&T’s Healthcare vertical for national and global accounts. Clint provides industry insights, futures advisory, strategic development and innovation facilitation for AT&T’s top clients in pharmaceutical, provider, payer and medical life science manufacturing areas.  Clint founded and manages the AT&T Innovation Partnership (IP) Program that formalizes how AT&T and clients innovate together. Clint works closely with both AT&T and client leadership to sponsor DesignThink Workshops, Experience Mapping Events and IoT hack-a-thons to identify areas of the business that would most benefit from AT&T’s innovation solution development resources. Clint has developed strategies and key innovations with Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Delta Airline, Humana and more of AT&T’s largest clients for end-to-end platform approaches of wired, wireless, cloud and mixed reality environments expressing the true value of AT&T in the marketplace.

Clint has over 29 years of global professional technical experience as well as a Masters in Business Administration.  Clint currently participates in technical advisory roles for the the Medical Device Innovation Consortium group and members such as the FDA and USDA.  Clients have repeatedly recognized Clint for his transformative business innovation, futures vision, and strategic leadership insights. Clint is now a publicly recognized industry leader in the areas of business strategy, global network design innovation and the emerging fields of IoMT, 5G and edge compute. Clint continues to provide his thought leadership in industry trade media and conferences such as HIMMS, HLTH, CES, Samsung/EMC’s Mobile Cloud Conference, CHIME and other Corporate and Public Venues.